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Recipe For Life

No one ever lives their life totally

alone, except inside of their soul.

And, no one else can determine who

we are, or set up our purpose or goals.

Now, The Creator, has a plan made for us

all about our life and our living.

It’s that we live everyday, as if it’s our last,

and practice the gentle art of just giving.

So, listen everyone, no matter where in this

world, there is a secret to world love.

It’s that we treat everyone, and everything,

as if the world is our Heaven Above.

No more pain, hurt or hate, we will

feel, each day we open our eyes.

There will be love in each soul and

then we can hold and comfort those

who need to cry.

So very simple, yet so very hard,

but you must believe that it’s true.

Give life all you’ve got, and you must

practice a lot, treating others as

you want them to be treating you.


Finding Four Leaf Clovers Writers (Larry Marshall & Azizi Marshall)
Me with my mom, helping each other walk down the steep driveway after a pedicure that left our feet VERY slippery (2019)


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