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My Last Prayer

In this world

we are all born to live

until our time to die.

In this world

we are all blessed to laugh

as well as to cry.

But in this life

created by God above

we are left on our own

to search for that love.

And, much too often

our tears are born

to fall to earth because

our love is torn.

And, for all those smiles

upon our face.

They will cover your pain

as if it were grace.

So, when I have died

they will carve upon my stone

that, “I have lived this life

too much alone.”

For those who live on,

for them I shall pray,

that they will find that

love somehow, someday.

But, I will not pray

when my life comes to an end,

because, I will forever be

with my best friend.


Finding Four Leaf Clovers Writers (Larry Marshall & Azizi Marshall)


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