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Whether you are an arts organization looking to support the emotional wellness of your team, or a mental health agency searching for creative interventions for your clients, Azizi Marshall provides a wealth of knowledge on connecting the arts together creative therapeutic programs.


Experience fearlessly progressive consultation through creative, experiential consultation. Under the guidance of Azizi Marshall and her award-winning team of Creative Arts Therapists, participants prepare themselves as leaders in their career, effecting purposeful and inspiring revolutions in the community and workplace through the arts and healthcare.

Azizi's consultations allow your organization to learn about Creative Arts Therapy and its use of theatre techniques to facilitate personal growth and promote health, along with expressive arts therapy multi-modal focus (art, music, dance/movement, and poetry). 

Therapeutic Arts Programming

Creativity in Counseling

Introduction to Creative Arts Therapy

Creativity at Work

Workplace Wellness

Cultural Competency

Compassion Fatigue

Program Evaluations

Self-Care & Stress Management

Creative Mindfulness

Azizi Marshall is also able to cater any consultation to your organization's specific needs. Additional support and coaching available upon request.