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How to Improve Company Culture After a Termination

Couldn't wait to share this, because the timing of it is SO needed. I'm sure many of you have heard by now about Don Lemon and his termination from CNN.

According to Don, it came as a shock, and he has tweeted his disbelief and hurt feelings due to CNN's decision to let him go.

Now, while I won't go into the "they said", "we said" scenarios, there is one thing that is absolutely missing in this story... the remaining employees.

  • How are they feeling?

  • How does this termination effect them and their team?

  • How does this change in staff effect their lives and livelihood?

  • How is this being communicated to them... is it?

  • Ultimately, how is the company culture being effected?

So here are 6 tips on how to improve your company culture after a termination:

  1. Re-establish long-term company goals and vision. Firing can cause rumblings amongst your teams, and it’s imperative to assure them that the company is in good health. Communicating with your remaining employees helps to reaffirm the long-term vision, and helps alleviate any fears of workplace sustainability.

  2. Celebrate and support remaining employees for their fabulous work. There are always people doing amazing work within your organization. Celebrating those who go above and beyond humanizes the business by showing that even during challenging transitions, you respect and honor employees who care enough to do extraordinary work.

  3. Treat the terminated employee with respect and dignity. This is a human being who deserves respect. Believe me, how they are treated when you let them go will get back to your remaining employees. Treating the employee with dignity will help your remaining employees feel less disgruntled.

  4. Communication is key. Communicate clearly and often why the choice was made, while explaining next steps; helping employees to focus on the future of the business and how the company is moving forward despite the changes in staffing. Genuine and honest communication is the best way to keep morale up during a staffing change.

  5. Have a heart and show it. The decision to terminate an employee doesn’t only affect a company’s bottom line, it also affects the people losing their jobs, their families, managers delivering the difficult news, remaining employees and, if not handled with great care, potential future employees, vendors, customers, and investors. With empathetic approaches to appropriately manage the needs of all involved, your business can emerge from a challenging moment with a renewed sense of resilience, hope and fortitude.

  6. Let there be laughter and food. Lighten the mood soon after a layoff by bringing in pastries and coffee one morning, take the team out to lunch, or order pizza. Plan time to relax, unwind, regroup, and refocus. Remind your employees that they are part of a company that cares about them, and that they are part of an empowering mission.

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