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Love Is Real

Born with each emotion, a gift

from God, above, I struggled

for that one emotion which

I fear. The one we know as love.

So, frightened by the concept, I

ran as if in fright.

I hid those feelings deep inside,

and brought them out at night.

My only friend for all this time, a

fantasy so real.

And, felt the pain that love did bring

with scars that would not heal.

Those scars did cause grooves inside

the deepest caves of my heart.

Then the pain began to climb as

that person left and tore

my soul apart.

But, then I felt it come one day

and, it felt, so, good to be, so near.

So, I pushed it back outside

because my longing for it, brought fear.

No one knew the reason why that

love caused such alarm.

But I knew what it would do.

It produced a scar called harm.

It cost so much to feel and

love does not come cheap.

It requires choreography of

our laughter as we weep.

In order to know what love is, you

must open up your soul,

And never try to purchase love,

because it is something which can’t be sold.

It is easier to love someone because

when you love, you have control.

But, when love comes from another

it’s the reversal of that role.

Despite the myth, that has been told,

love is not actually blind.

But, what some people do with

love, might not be so very kind.

But, I shall look for love, despite

my fear, and pray it will not leave.

Because, when you love and it’s

returned, then that magic is conceived.

No pain.

No fear.

No hurt is felt.

That purity is lodged within.

Because, when love is that genuine,

it will be there when time does end.


Finding Four Leaf Clovers Writers (Larry Marshall & Azizi Marshall)
Me with my husband Doug Eisenhauer aka "The Hubby" at the Illinois Theatre Association Award Ceremony, Receiving the Award of Excellence in Creative Drama (2016)


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